Instantly access documents using a highly intuitive platform

Instant access to a complete global portfolio of detailed financial performance, ESG, hedging, M&A, operational and asset level insights filed by oil and gas companies.

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Your gateway to precise information retrieval

Discover an innovative tool that exceeds conventional search methods – Evaluate Energy Documents. This dynamic platform empowers your research and exploration of the energy industry landscape.

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Pinpoint precision

Uncover exact information hidden within thousands of pages of filed company documents.

Tailored sorting

Sort and download the specific pages you need with ease and efficiency.

Reliable research

Conduct research with confidence using relevant documents updated daily.

Specialized search terms

Navigate with ease using highly specialized oil, gas, and energy industry terms for targeted results.

Expert indexing

Every document is indexed by industry experts, enhanced by interrelated energy industry keywords and algorithms for precision.

Key Highlight

Built for the energy industry

  • Our library platform allows you to use highly specialized terms crafted for the oil, gas and energy sectors
  • Instant access to information often ‘hidden’ within company files that conventional, non-industry specialized search tools cannot find
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Gain access to actionable insights and accelerate your oil & gas career today.

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