Explore the heart of global M&A with every energy sector deal worldwide

Comprehensive database containing upstream oil & gas, midstream, downstream, service sector, low-carbon and renewable energy deals

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Unlock unparalleled insights into the dynamic financial landscape of the industry.

Enhance your understanding of global energy M&A with Evaluate Energy’s comprehensive database, encompassing energy sector transactions worldwide. Our continuously updated data spans from 2008, now inclusive of oil, gas, nuclear, and various renewable energy forms such as wind, solar, hydrogen, tidal, and biomass.

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Precision analysis

Unearth all M&A activity in oil & gas and renewable energy.


Compare acquisition costs across resource types and regions.

Portfolio tracking

Monitor entities actively diversifying or rationalizing their asset mix.

Real-time deal awareness

Stay informed about every deal.

Future energy mix forecasting

Stay ahead on renewable investment trends.

Data highlights

Elevate your M&A strategy, anticipate industry shifts, and make informed decisions with Evaluate Energy’s global M&A database.

Every E&P deal since 2008

  • Upstream, midstream, LNG, refineries and service sector
  • Power deals, including integrated energy providers
  • Hydrogen, CCS, wind, solar, tidal, hydro, biomass and landfill
  • Renewables and low-carbon deal info since 2016
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Full financial consideration

  • $ cost per BOE for production, 1P, 2P reserves
  • MW capacity, cost per MW acquired
  • Geographic, operational and asset level metrics
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Data you can trust – full data transparency and sourcing

  • Financings and deal structure
  • Stage of asset development
  • Hedged volume as a % of production volume
  • Source documents available
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Unlock time-saving data & empower decision making.

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