Key takeaways: Data-driven value creation in the oil and gas industry

| By Mark Young

A recent survey of industry professionals conducted by Evaluate Energy owners geoLOGIC systems ltd. in partnership with the Daily Oil Bulletin sought to gain a deeper understanding of how data is being used by oil and gas companies.

Detailed results and analysis are available in a new white paper available for free download here.

Some of the key takeaways of the survey, courtesy of Darrell Stonehouse at JWN Energy, are summarized below:

E&P – Cost efficiency is key

  • The survey results demonstrate that operators remain laser-focused on managing costs, improving project planning and ensuring capital is deployed where it can deliver the most immediate return.
  • E&P companies are also using data to identify large acquisitions and adjacent, bolt-on opportunities.

Oil Services – Business development is top priority

  • Oilfield services companies are more focused on business development as their primary requirement when using data.
  • The key ‘data goal’ for exploration and development-focused suppliers is operational efficiency to meet customer pricing demands.
  • Production-oriented suppliers, meanwhile, are focused more on using data to drive new business.

Vast majority of decision makers are using third party data across the industry

  • Nearly 70% of E&P data users incorporate some third-party data in their workflows, with one-third of data users almost always leveraging third-party data.
  • Oilfield service data users are slightly less likely to integrate third-party data into workflows, but the survey still showed that around 60% in this sector almost always use outside data to drive business decisions.

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