How are Canada’s private operators navigating the downturn?

| By Mark Young

We have seen countless headlines and in-depth analysis pieces focusing on global supermajors, OPEC+ nations and public companies around the world are trying to cope with the new pressures presented by the COVID-19 pandemic as demand for oil has plummeted and storage space is drying up.

But coverage on how private companies are dealing with the downturn has been pretty scarce up to now.

Our partners at the Daily Oil Bulletin have released a new article looking at how private companies in Canada are faring during this unprecedented price downturn.

The full article can be accessed here.

The article focuses on how different it is being a privately-held firm compared to being publicly listed in these times, gathering insight from a number of Canada’s largest producers. The article provides outlooks for both Canadian natural gas prices and acquisition opportunities.

According to CanOils Assets data, Alberta holds most of Canada’s top private producers going by operated volumes.

For more information on CanOils Assets, click here.

For more information on the Daily Oil Bulletin, watch this video.


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