Free Webinar – June 2, 2020: How did hedging impact Q1 results?

| By Mark Young

Q1 results continue to pour out for North American oil and gas producers, with many recording severe cuts in revenues and impairments to their asset bases thanks to COVID-19 and a lack of demand for oil.

Evaluate Energy will be holding a free webinar on June 2, 2020, focusing on how hedging strategies boosted Q1 results amongst all this turmoil. The webinar will also look ahead, showing how far companies have gone to protect themselves for the rest of 2020.

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The webinar will build on the early estimates we were able to make from annual filings in our previous webinar that was held on May 6.
Below are some of the pricing statistics we published for that discussion, where we saw that plenty of companies had managed to hedge at over $50 for 2020.

Example Pricing Information for North American Hedging – indexed to WTI (US$/bbl)

Source: May 6 Webinar deck, to be updated for next webinar June 2, 2020

We also showed that based on all contracts or hedging positions in place for 100+ producers according to annual filings and by using WTI and Brent prices as of April 13, we would have expected over $23 billion in hedging gains for 2020 and $27 billion for all periods combined.

Source: May 6 Webinar deck, to be updated for next webinar June 2, 2020

For our next webinar we will be able to go deeper with more concrete information.

The limitation in early May, of course, was that all the data we looked at was made available before the price began to crash. Although the price did not begin to fall until mid-March, plenty of companies have had to adjust their portfolio before Q1 results were released.

Using Q1 data dated March 31 that is now available to us, we can take a better look at how companies began to respond in the immediate wake of the price crashing. This will provide you with a far better indication of:

  • How well protected North America’s oil producers are, should these lower prices stick around for the longer-term.
  • Estimated hedging gains expected in 2020 and beyond.

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