Evaluate Energy Documents – New Product Launched Today

| By Mark Young

A New Way to Instantly Access Oil and Gas Company Information

Evaluate Energy Documents – launched today – is a new way to surface oil and gas company information buried inside thousands of documents.

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It allows you to instantly source vital insights into a company’s financials, its operations, and how it measures up on ESG. You can save and download what you’ve found.

Evaluate Energy Documents has been designed by experienced oil and gas analysts. This ensures you can accurately search for highly specific industry data and performance metrics.

  • Pinpoint exact information found inside thousands of pages of filed company documents
  • Search using a built-for-purpose industry solution rather than via a generic search engine
  • Sort and download the pages you need
  • Documents updated daily

Evaluate Energy Documents is fast, reliable and customizable.

Unlock time-saving data & empower decision making.

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