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Recent Reports

  • Global Upstream M&A Reaches $21 Billion in Q1 2020
    Evaluate Energy provides its latest quarterly review of M&A transactions around the world for the first quarter of 2020.
  • Latin America: 2019 Upstream M&A and Drilling Review
    Evaluate Energy, the Daily Oil Bulletin and Sproule have partnered to provide a detailed overview of the key M&A trends in Latin America in recent years, as the major producing nations compete for foreign investment.
  • Global Upstream M&A Deals Reach $176 Billion in 2019
    Alongside an industry overview, Evaluate Energy data and industry trends have been used in this report to analyse all of the biggest deals around the world in 2019, providing you with a comprehensive overview of global upstream mergers and acquisitions that were agreed and completed in 2019.
  • Global Opportunities Taking Canadian E&P Expertise To International Markets
    This complimentary Global Opportunities report and accompanying launch event provides intelligence on how E&P companies can leverage Canada’s deep pool of expertise developed at home and internationally to capture global opportunities.
  • Global Q3 Upstream M&A Deals Sluggish at $31 Billion
    Evaluate Energy's latest global M&A review shows sluggish oil prices prompted an equally sluggish response among upstream M&A deal makers in Q3.
  • DOB 2019 Top Operators: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
    KPMG’s Michael McKerracher is guardedly optimistic industry may finally be finding firmer footing, find out more in our latest annual review of Canada’s top operators.
  • Global Q2 upstream M&A deals hit $91 billion
    $91 billion of new upstream oil and gas M&A deals were secured during Q2 2019 – virtually nine times greater than the disappointing $10.4 billion total value in Q1.
  • Q1 Upstream M&A Reach $9.8 billion
    Global spending falls dramatically on the back of low prices & changing spending habits. Two years of acquisitions create new 90,000 boe/d for Appalachian Basin producer in U.S. Deal-making grinds to complete halt in uncertain Canadian climate.
  • Global upstream 2018 M&A falls to $132 billion
    Despite signs of stability in the 2018 O&G markets, overall global M&A upstream spend was at its lowest in a decade at $132 billion. North American deals dominated with 71% of M&A activity.
  • Hedging Impacts On Q4 U.S. Upstream
    How much U.S. companies increased hedged vol. since 2017. Why gas companies were far more inclined to hedge production than more oil-focused counterparts? Top 10 O&G hedgers by volume heading into Q4 2018.


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