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Unlock energy market opportunities with comprehensive, customizable financial/operating data, expert visual analytics, compelling e-learning solutions and best-in-class client support.

Trusted, premium-quality energy data,
analytics and e-learning solutions

Interactive, immersive, actionable oil and gas data

Transparent, detailed financial, operating and ESG performance metrics that can be instantly viewed and integrated into models and daily workflows.

Customized sustainability learning solutions

Securing and contributing to a qualified, sustainability-ready workforce.

Searchable documents library

Instant discovery of vital information buried within oil and gas documents, powered by proprietary algorithms.

Personalize your experience and drive growth

Our renowned, expert support team is designed to ensure you can fully discover, analyze and act upon insights gained from our solutions to power your growth.

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“The level of detail and accuracy within Evaluate Energy’s financial and operating data is excellent. It sets it apart from competitors. It saves me a ton of time when I want to cover a new company and pull data into my models. I have used it for years. Tracking emissions reduction, and M&A activity, also adds tremendous value.”

Adam Gill | Director, Energy Research | Echelon Wealth Partners

Skills development that drives productivity, recruitment and retention

Rapid changes within the energy industry have heightened the urgency for new frontline skills related to clean technology, ESG, climate-related disclosure and regulatory requirements and sustainability.

Many operators and services companies could face a shortage of professionals in this new energy landscape. But it doesn’t have to be that way – there is a proactive solution. Download our whitepaper on “Creating a Sustainability-ready workforce within Oil and Gas” to learn more.

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Skills development that drives productivity, recruitment and retention


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“Evaluate Energy Documents is invaluable because I find new and historic presentations of E&P companies, fully searchable, in one place. This gives me detailed results on activity and plans very quickly. For this application, EE Docs is the best because I discover lesser-known companies and stay updated on the mid-size companies I track. I use it every week.”

Fançois-Xavier Dubois, Private Oil & Gas Investor

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